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Future Design School

Sarah Prevette, Canadian serial entrepreneur, founded Future Design School in April of 2015 with a mission to foster creative confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit in children’s lives. Ranging from camps and workshops for students, to seminars for educators and businesses, Future Design School aims to equip people with greater problem-solving capabilities and an innovative mindset.

“We chose FLIP for many reasons - including their incredible team, their demonstrable expertise and the modularity of their offering. For a flat monthly fee, we have all of our accounting needs looked after– from AR to AP and everything in-between– as well as expert financial leadership” says Sarah of our services. Through FLIP Accounting we provided the Future Design School team with a scalable business model, translating Sarah’s business idea into a functional financial model used to hone in on cost and potential cash flows and revenue streams.

“As CEO, it's invaluable having a senior financial leader who understands the unique nuances of my business, shares the vision for growth and can advise on how to best navigate the challenges incumbent in scaling.” Through our services we provided the Future Design School team with an internal document to guide financial projections that can be used by investors. Future Design school has particularly benefited from our on-demand financial models.
“When we're looking at new product offerings, adjusting channel segments or pricing; we are able to enlist FLIP to create incredibly robust models for us to test our assumptions” says Sarah. “FLIP Accounting is a unique service to allow growing companies to enlist the guidance of a world-class CFO without having to incur the traditional cost” To learn more about FDS, check out their website here.

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"FLIP is different because they provide the whole package: on-the-ground help, and a bigger-picture view at your financial success." Erin Bury, Managing Director, Eighty-Eight.

Eighty-Eight is a Toronto-based creative communications agency that specializes in digital marketing, public relations and design. Under the fearless leadership of Managing Director, Erin Bury, Eighty-Eight works with clients to develop and enhance their online marketing efforts with flair. Her team provides a robust background in PR, journalism, digital strategy, web design and advertising.

While Eighty-Eight is out capturing international attention with their Agency or Porn campaign, FLIP Accounting is taking care of all their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Hiring an in-house bookkeeper can be expensive but ultimately avoidable for smaller businesses. The proliferation of accounting tech has reduced the time spent on menial finance tasks and allows us to focus more on higher-level accounting needs. FLIP has assisted Eighty-Eight with everything from invoicing and cash collections, to creating a line-by-line budget and managing costs. "I can honestly say it's been awesome working with FLIP and we wouldn't ever turn to an in-house person now. We know others feel the same, because we've referred several of our clients to them!"

We’ve created a dashboard for Erin to guide Eighty-Eight's financials for the year. "Before FLIP came on board I would often feel like I was walking around in the dark with a flashlight. When one thing was illuminated - revenue or budgeted expenses for example - I was in the dark on others, like cash-flow or actual expenses" Erin says. "The dashboard shows me at a glance where we are with revenue, expenses, profit, sales pipeline, and salaries, so I can make better-informed decisions on everything from hiring to spending to new business."

FLIP has also worked with Eighty-Eight to automate their accounting, introducing apps such as Receipt­ Bank to improve expense report efficiency, and ultimately help reduce paper usage within the office. Furthermore, FLIP provides an on-going analysis of existing processes to ensure the greatest amount of financial health, saving Eighty-Eight both time and money.

"I can't stress this enough: Matt and Mike are friendly, approachable, and fun, and our team loves them (they even come to our monthly fun events with the team). Accounting used to be this scary, boring thing for the team, and now they happily send over questions and welcome Matt and Mike's suggestions."

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Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives

The CLGA has been a cornerstone of Toronto's LGBTQ+ community since 1973.

The CLGA meticulously curates and conserves documents, publications and photographs relating to Canada's LGBTQ+ community, paying a chronological homage to Canada's storied past. What started as a filing cabinet in the offices of the Body Politic, has now grown into one of the largest independent LGBTQ+ archives in the world.

"The archives is a special place for me," says FLIP Co-Founder Matt Hicks. "It's so important to understand our past in order to help understand who we are as individuals and as a community."

While the archivists stay firmly rooted in the past, FLIP at least helped move one aspect into the future: their bookkeeping.

The CLGA had existed under traditional accounting operations and utilized many manual process for their day-to-day reporting.

We transferred their accounting department into a virtual system, reducing the time it takes to reconcile their accounts and to pay out vendors and expense reimbursements. The ultimate goal of FLIP's services is to save your business time and money, which we accomplished with the CLGA.

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